Inspirational video how to stay creative. I don’t think this only applies to designers and creative people, but also who does any sort of office or brain work.


Quick video showing how you can use layers to effectively build your sketches.

It’s very important to draw wireframes for webdesign, makes everyone life’s so much easier and gives you a clear vision of what goes where. 



It’s sucks when you wait for days/weeks/months and you never get a chance to be a real dribbbler. 

This site is for rookie’s, 100 % like dribbble, but for people who’s trying to get into the real dribbble:

New Dribbble Iphone app is on Itunes.

Go to Itunes to download.

Our company is under a rebranding, new Identity,Website,Marketing Strategy and the whole lot.

Received these from a client, some documents are in there to include on the website. Yes, I have received this in 2011.

Sexy fingers won an award at the FWA

The Golden Grid system for designers.