Happy Holidays (Taken with instagram)

Type Let It Snow on Google for a Pleasant Surprise
In the spirit of the Google “barrel roll,” the company has another tricky search result today: Search the words “let it snow” and watch what happens. Of course, your Google search results will contain videos of that old favorite song, but what’s that? Snowflakes falling in your browser? Frost…

You can help raise awareness for protecting the polar bear’s home by downloading the Snowball Effect App - http://CokeURL.com/7bgd. Start a snowball fight with Facebook friends to spread the word about Coca-Cola’s Arctic Home project. Score points and compete for weekly iPad(r) giveaways by checking in at 7-Eleven stores, entering product codes and challenging friends to snowball fights. The more you play, the bigger your Snowball Effect gets and the more you help raise awareness for protecting the polar bear’s home. Plus you can win a trip to the Arctic for scoring the most overall points.